We are an independent, digital agency specializing in the design and development of communications materials.

And this is how we do it.

DAU Media Handbook Covers
DAU Media Handbook Covers
DAU Media Handbook Covers
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  • Successful Solutions.

    At BRS, we believe the most important team member is our client—we work in partnership with each of our clients to ensure all of the project goals are achieved.
  • Great Experience.

    At BRS, our work is centered around the brand. Creating an emotional connection between our client and their audience starts and ends with the brand experience.
  • Art & Science.

    For us, the design process is an expression of all the relevant information, research and requirements gathered for the project.
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  • Isaiah Micah Co

    Isaiah Micah Co.

    Isaiah Micah Co. isn't just a brand.. its a timeline, an experience, a LIFE that was lived with diverse STYLE. Check out the web site we created to fit the company.

  • Portico

    Portico Project

    The primary audience for this brand will be those stakeholders that will interact with the Student Information System including: DAW members, students, faculty, DAU staff at the Headquarters and each region (e.g., student services, scheduling, ed techs, academic deans), component DACMs, and DoD Leadership. The tone of the brand should resonate with all of those audiences. And well here's the results.